Smoked Pork and Plantain Soup

By Melissa Nestor - October 04, 2013


Hmmm!!! No doubt this soup was hearty!  Most of the flavoring came from the smoked pork. All other seasonings were added just to accentuate the smoked pork flavor.  This reminds me of a good Saturday meal back in the islands.  I know you"ll love it!


1. To a large pot add 5 cups of water, boullion cube, 1 pack of ham flavored sazon and salt.

2. Place entire pack of Smoked pork into water and bring to boil for about 40 minutes or until meat is semi-soft (not falling apart).

3. Peel and cut plantains into round cylinders and set aside.  Peel and cut potatoes into quarter pieces.

4.  Add plantain and potato pieces to pot with pork at the same time.

5. Let continue to boil until potatoes and plantain starts to become soft.

5. Add in okra and salt to taste if needed.

6.  Let cook until okra is soft and ready to eat.

     Enjoy! MN

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