Travel: Charlotte, North Carolina

By Melissa Nestor - November 18, 2018

This summer my husband and I visited two cities in NC. The first was boiling springs North Carolina where we participated in a week long camp for kids.  We got the chance to play and sing alongside some really talented musicians.

After a week of fun with the kids we drove over to see some of my husbands college friends. They refer to themselves as the 'Bufalo.' They are some of the friendliest, giving people you will ever meet that resemble that of a football team. Our first get together started with a visit to the CowFish restaurant in Charlotte.

It is quite the unique eating spot which specializes in burgers and sushi. A brilliant combination which targets two very main dishes over our time. I ordered a delectable Korean fried chicken sandwich. To be honest I ordered the sandwich just for the fried chicken. According to the waiter it was topped with kimchi. I was sold! I wanted it!

I ate the chicken by itself without the buns. It was so good. Well worth it. It was fresh with a wonderful hints of BBQ with sweet. The kimchi on top added a great balance of spice and sour which balanced of the chicken flavors so well. 

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