Hey there! I am a food loving, Caribbean born girl. I am also an Environmental Scientist by trade. I was born in the Caribbean on the island of Trinidad and Tobago and I grew up on the island of Dominica (not the republic). I have been blessed to enjoy the culinary sides of both islands but I have acquired a deep appreciation for American food since I now reside in the United States.
I enjoy cooking in my free time and wanted to share my own personal recipe ideas with you as well as recipes that I've come across that I love from others (I give full credit to the author on such occasions). I enjoy using Caribbean ingredients but also creating a balance with American ingredients as well.
You will find that some of my recipes are solely of Caribbean influence whereas others a pure American. Hopefully you'll enjoy this blog as much as I will enjoy writing. Feel free to follow me for updates and new recipes! Enjoy

Matthew J. Nestor

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